Ep 770: Jim Lebrecht

Documentary filmmaker Jim Lebrecht ("Crip Camp") comes on to discuss his podcast "The Art of Documentary" where he interviews documentary filmmakers such as past Filmwax guests as Roger Ross Williams, Kirsten Johnson and Bing Liu.

Ep 769: Silas Howard & Harry Dodge • Nancy Buirski

The filmmaking team behind the queer cinema classic "By Hook or By Crook" (2002), Silas Howard and Harry Dodge stop by. Also, documentary filmmaker Nancy Buirski returns for her 4th visit to discuss her new film "Desperate Hours, Dark City and the Legend of Midnight Cowboy" which opens at FIlm Forum on Friday, 6/23.

Ep 768: Merritt Wever & Samantha Soule • Josh Karp

The actor Merritt Wever ("Nurse Jackie") makes her first appearance on the podcast. She's joined by the co-director/co-writer of the film "Midday Black Midnight Blue" in which they both star and which premieres on demand on Friday, June 16th. Also film journalist and author Josh Karp returns to discuss his latest article in Airmail.

Ep 767: Mary Harron & Barbara Sukowa • Jamie Boyle

Mary Harron has directed the new film "Dalíland" about the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. I speak to Harron and the actor Barbara Sukowa who plays wife Gala Dalí. Also, Jamie Boyle who made a documentary about her sister and mother's addictions to opioids. That documentary, "Anonymous Sister" is currently in theaters.

Ep 765: Jason Cilo

Podcaster Jason Cilo visits to discuss his popular culture podcasr Full Cast and Crew. Watch 2 podcasters geek out on process. And more.

Ep 764: Ben Steinbauer • Kelley Vickery

The documentary filmmaker Ben Steinbauer ("Winnebago Man") make shis first appearance to discuss a new documentary he co-directed with Berndt Mader called "Chop & Steele". The film is on streaming platforms. Also, the Artistic Director & Founder of the Berkshire International Film Festival, Kelley Vickery, discusses the upcoming festival: June 1-4.

Ep 763: Nick Ebeling

The filmmaker, photographer and now novelist, Nick Ebeling, makes his second appearance on the podcast. His new semi-autobiographical novel, "Earthquake Weather" is available wherever books are sold.

Ep 762: W. Kamau Bell

Filmmaker and comedian W. Kamau Bell ("United Shades of America") discusses his new documentary called "1000% Me: Growing Up Mixed" which is currently on HBO and HBO Max.

Ep 761: Zoe Lister Jones • Editing THE GRADUATE

Zoe Lister Jones returns to the podcast to discuss the Roku Original Series she has written, directed and stars in: "Slip". And I'm joined by a editor Michael Taylor, ACE, editor/author Bobbie O'Steen, Molly O'Steen, and programmer Inge de Leeuw to discuss a screening of "The Graduate" to take place at the Metrograph on Saturday, April 22nd. It's part of the series of screenings at the art house...

Ep 760: Nathaniel Kahn • Catherine Hardwicke

Filmmaker Catherine Hardwicke returns to discuss her new film, a comedy starring Toni Collette called "Mafia Mamma"; it opens Friday, 4/14. Also, Nathaniel Kahn returns to discuss the 20th anniversary re-release of his classic, "My Architect". It's available on the Criterion Channel and in select theaters.

Ep 759: Reed Harkness • Philip Shane

Two non-fiction filmmakers on this episode: first Reed Harkness and his highly personal documentary "Sam Now" about his half-brothers search for his long estranged mother; and Philip Shane returns to discuss his short film "Jade Doskow: Photographer of Lost Utopias".

Ep 758: Susan Ray

Susan Ray is a writer and the president and creative director of The Nicholas Ray Foundation.

Ep 757: Stephen Frears

The filmmaker Stephen Frears ("The Queen") discusses his latest film, "The Lost King" which opens Friday, March 24th in theaters. Also, the director John Clayton Doyle and film's subject Doug McCorkle with their hybrid fiction/non-fiction film "I'm An Electric Lampshade". That film is currently on demand and on digital platforms.

Ep 756: Paul Weitz • April Wright

The filmmaker Paul Weitz ("American Pie") discusses his latest film "Moving On" which stars Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin and which opens in theaters Friday, March 17th. Also, the documentary filmmaker April Wright who brings some drive-in owners to discuss her new film, "Back to the Drive-In".