Ep 687: Meira Blaustein • Michael Galinsky

Filmwax has turned 10! We continue celebrating this anniversary with another one of my first guests back in 2011, filmmaker Michael Galinsky. Also joining me on this episode if the Executive Director of the Woodstock Film Festival, Meira Blaustein returning once again. The festival runs virtually and in-person from September 29th through October 3rd.

Ep 686: Rachel Boynton • Lina Roessler

Filmwax celebrates 10 years this week bringing back its first guest, filmmaker Zachary Levy. Also, documentary filmmaker Rachel Boynton discusses her latest documentary "Civil War (or, Who Do We Think We Are)" as first time filmmaker Lina Roessler discusses her comedy, "Best Sellers" which stars Sir Michael Caine and Aubrey Plaza.

Ep 685: Eps Burnough • Jonah Feingold

Two first-time filmmakers visit on this episode: documentary filmmaker Ebs Burnough with his film "The Capote Tapes" about the infamous southern writer; and Jonah Feingold, director of the millennial romantic comedy "Dating & New York". Both movies open this weekend and then spread nationally over the course of the coming weeks.

Ep 684: Pat Healy • Andy Karl

The actor Pat Healy ("Cheap Thrills", "Take Me") makes his first appearance with his latest entertaining genre film, "We Need to Do Something" which opens today in theaters & on streaming platforms. Also, the team behind the fantasy rom-com "Here After": actor Andy Karl, director Harry Greenberger & producer Carmine Famiglietti.

Ep 683: Lily Hevesh & Jeremy Workman • Yoruba Richen

In the first segment, we talk with Filmwax friend Jeremy Workman who, along with his film's subject YouTube star Lily Hevesh, discuss "Lily Topples the World" which is currently available for streaming on discovery+. Also, Yoruba Richen returns to discuss 2 of her recent docs: "How It Feels To Be Free" and "The Sit-In: Harry Belafonte Hosts the Tonight Show".

Ep 682: Udo Kier • Griffin Dunne & Michael Hoffman

Legendary actor Udo Kier returns to the show to discuss Todd Stephens' comedy "Swan Song" in which he stars. The movie is currently in theaters and streaming on VOD. Also, actor/producer Griffin Dunne returns to Filmwax for his 3rd appearance, this time joined by director Michael Hoffman, to discuss their 2006 movie "Game 6", finally available on streaming platforms.

Ep 681: Tim Robbins • Melissa Haizlip

Tim Robbins makes his first appearance with a dramatic performance called "We Live On", adapted from Studs Terkel's 1970 oral history of the Great Depression, "Hard Times". Also, Filmwax celebrates the first African-American variety show (1968-1973) with nice of the show's host, filmmaker Melissa Haizlip. Her doc is currently on HBO Max.

Ep 680: Jack & Mercedes Kilmer

The team behind "Val", a new documentary about the Val Kilmer including his children Jack and Mercedes, as well as co-directors Ting Poo & Leo Scott. It premieres on Amazon Prime Video today. Also, the director of a new psychological thriller, Pascual Sisto discusses his new film "John and the Hole". It opens today in select theaters & everywhere films are rented.

Ep 679: Braden King • Michael Taylor

Filmmaker Braden King ("Here") makes his first appearance with "The Evening Hour" a dramatic feature placed in Appalachia. Also, editor Michael Taylor, A.C.E. makes his 4th visit to the show with his latest project, "Nine Days" directed by upcoming guest Edson Oda. Both films were Sundance hits and open Friday, July 30th.

Ep 678: Jamila Wignot • Garret Price

Jamila Wignot ("Town Hall") returns to Filmwax with her new documentary, "Ailey" about the world famous choreographer Alvin Ailey. The film premieres in NYC beginning Friday, July 23rd then spreads nationally as of August 6th. Also, filmmaker Garret Price with his documentary "Woodstock 99: Love, Peace & Rage" which premiers on HBO & HBO Max today.

Ep 677: Morgan Neville • Michael Sarnoski & Vanessa Block

Filmmaker Morgan Neville returns to Filmwax for his 5th time, on this occasion to discuss his latest documentary, "Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain". I'm then joined by the creative team behind Nicholas Cage's new dramatic feature, "Pig": director Michael Sarnoski & producer Vanessa Block. Both films open theatrically today, Friday, July 16th.

Ep 676: DeNeen L. Brown • Victor S. Navasky

Washington Post journalist DeNeed L. Brown discusses her participation in Dawn Porter's documentary "Rise Again: Tulsa and the Red Summer" which may be streamed on Hulu; and the author of the seminal book on the Hollywood blacklist, Victor Navasky discusses "Naming Names" and his career.

Ep 675: Max Casella, Kevin Corrigan, Onur Tukel & Thomas Jay Ryan • Beth B

No Wave filmmaker Beth B ("Vortex", "Exposed") returns to the podcast with her new documentary about her old friend, called "Lydia Lunch: The War is Never Over". The film is currently playing at NYC's IFC Center. Also, old friend of the show, Onur Tukel returns with his cast from his film "Scenes From an Empty Church", also currently out.

Ep 674: Moby • Heidi Ewing

Moby is the subject of a new documentary which is currently out called "Moby Doc". Moby discusses the film which was dirtied by his frequent collaborator Rob Gordon Bralver. Also, returning to Filmwax after a long hiatus, filmmaker Heidi Ewing discusses her Sundance hit and her first narrative film, "I Carry You With Me" also in theaters & streaming.

Ep 673: Nancy Buirski • Lisa Immordino Vreeland

Two documentary filmmakers visit Filmwax in this episode. Nancy Buirski makes her 3rd visit with her doc "A Crime on the Bayou" and first-time visitor Lisa Immordino Vreeland makes her first visit with the doc "Truman & Tennessee: An Intimate Conversation". Both films premiere today virtually and in select theaters nationwide.