Ep 790: Eszter Bailint Returns

Filmwax welcomes the return of actor and musician Eszter Bailint to the podcast. In addition to Eszter's acting work over the many years (STRANGER THAN PARADISE, LOUIE, TREES LOUNGE), she is also an accomplished singer, songwriter, and violinist. She will be performing at Park Slope's Barbés on Thursday, March 28th at 8:00 PM.

Ep 789: PJ Raval • Simon Kilmurry & Susan Margolin

This episode celebrates the memory of filmmaker Nancy Buirski who died recently, and her latest film, "Desperate Souls, Dark CIty and the Legend of Midnight Cownoy" which has been shortlisted for an Oscar. Producers Simon Kilmurry and Susan Margolin are the guests. Also, filmmaker PJ Raval discusses his latest documentary, "Who We Become", now on Netflix.

Ep 788: Richard Edson & Nick Ebeling

Filmwax friends actor/photographer Richard Edson and author/filmmaker/artist Nick Ebeling both return to the pod to discuss their upcoming collaboration and art making in Los Angeles.

Ep 787: Lara Hope & Laura Wilson Crimmins

Recorded from the Radio Free Rhinecliff studios in Rhinecliff, New York, this conversation includes two special community activist types from the Ulster County area. The two people who are responsible for running the O+ Festival in Kingston, NY: Lara Hope and Laura Wilson Crimmins.

Ep 786: Mark Barden • Ray Nowosielski & Dave Cassidy

Mark Barden of Sandy Hook Promise, an organization he helped found after the killing of his son at the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012, is the guest. He discusses a new documentary called "A Father's Promise" in which he participated & which is currently screening in NYC. Also, the team behind the new podcast "George Bailey Was Never Born", Ray Nowosielski & Dave Cassidy.

Ep 785: Natalia Leite • Bill Sage & Travis Burgess

Natalia Leites (HANDMAIDS'S TALE) returns to the podcast after many years to discuss her latest work including having directed the first 3 episodes of the new Hulu series BLACK CAKE. Also, making his directorial debut, Travis Burgess discusses his film HAYSEED which just became available on streaming platforms and stars Filmwax friend Bill Sage (SIMPLE MEN, WE ARE WHAT WE ARE) who joins him.

Ep 784: Nick Broomfield • Gail Merrifield Pap

Nick Broomfield (BIGGIE & TUPAC, AILEEN WUORNOS: THE SELLING OF A SERIAL KILLER) returns for his 3rd visit to the podcast. In this episode he discusses his new documentary THE STONES & BRIAN JONES which will be enjoying a very wide theatrical release 11/17 thanks to Magnolia Pictures. And, the widow of the theatrical impresario Joe Papp. She's written a memoir about her years with her husband and...

Ep 783: Sonia Kennebeck • Frances Henderson

Two documentary filmmakers making their first appearances on Filmwax: Sonia Kennebeck discusses her film "Reality Winner", now on streaming platforms; and Frances Henderson discusses "This Much We Know" which begins a theatrical run on Friday, 11/10 in NYC at DCTV's Firehouse Cinema.

Ep 782: Jennifer Tiexiera & Margie Ratliff • Kevin Duncan Wong & Sylvester

Filmwax celebrates 2 fascinating & relevant documentaries in this episode. In the 1st segment we have one of the co-directors, Jennifer Tiexiera, whose new documentary "Subject" focuses on the impact of being a subject of a documentary and how that can change your life for better or worse. The other guest in this subject is the subject of the Netflix doc "The Staircase", Margie Ratliff who also...

Ep 781: Vin Liota

The documentary filmmaker Vin Liota makes his first appearance on the podcast to discuss his recent film "Objects". Vin's film follows three unique people who have held onto something that gained incredible meaning for them over decades.

Ep 780: Signe Baumane & Bill Plympton

The animator/filmmaker Signe Baumane makes her first appearance on FIlmwax with her latest feature film, "My Love Affair With Marriage". Her film opens at the Quad Cinema in NYC on Friday, October 6th.

Ep 778: Dwayne Epstein

The author Dwayne Epstein ("Lee Marvin: Point Blank") returns to the podcast to discuss his new book, "Killin' Generals: The Making of The Dirty Dozen, the Most Iconic WW II Movie of All Time" which is currently available.

Ep 777: Liz Abzug

Liz Abzug, daughter of Bella, is the guest. I invited Liz on to discuss her relationship with the director Jeff L. Lieberman, who made the documentary "Bella: This Woman's Place is in the House".