Ep 701: Adam Leon & Simon Brickner

This episode pays homage to the late Peter Bogdanovich by replaying our 2018 interview with him. Also, filmmaker Adam Leon with his film "Italian Studies", joined by actor Simon Brickner.

Ep 698: Andy Ostroy • Skinner Myers

Andy Ostroy was married to the actor/director Adrienne Shelly who was killed in 2006. Here his story and watch his HBO documentary "Adrienne". Also, the filmmaker Skinner Myers discusses his new feature "The Sleeping Negro" which opens theatrically today.

Ep 697: Onur Tukel Rules

Celebrating 10 years of Filmwax. It's the 10th visit for filmmaker Onur Tukel. His latest "That Cold Dead Look in Your Eyes" is currently available on demand. All other episodes with Onur available on the website.

Ep 695: Jesse Moss • Kelcey Edwards

Documentary filmmaker Jesse Moss with his film "Mayor Pete", now on Amazon Prime Video & Kelcey Edwards whose documentary "The Art of Making It" screens at DOC NYC this next week.

Ep 694: Blerta Basholli • Phil Hopkins

The filmmaker Blerta Basholli broke a record in Sundance awards with her debut feature, "Hive". Here she is to discuss. Also, the manager of the re-booted indie film streaming service Fandor, Phil Hopkins visits for his first time.

Ep 692: John Leguizamo • Christian Nilsson & Larry Fessenden

Actor John Leguizamo makes his first appearance on the show with an intense new prison drama called "Dark Blood". And writer/director Christian Nilsson and Filmwax friend Larry Fessenden (making his 8th appearance) with their psychological drama, "Dashcam". Both films are currently available on demand and on streaming platforms.

Ep 691: Ed Lachman • Lynne Sachs

Ed Lachman has collaborated with the director Todd Haynes numerous times; the documentary "The Velvet Underground" is their latest and it premieres on Apple TV+ today and is currently screening at NYC's Film Forum. Lynne Sachs' films —including today's streaming premiere of "Film About a Father Who" are celebrated on the Criterion Channel.

Ep 690: Steve Forbert

Iconic singer-songwriter Steve Forbert ("Jackrabbit Slim", "Alive on Arrival") is on this special episode of the podcast. Here he discusses his career, moving to NYC in his younger rock 'n' roll days, and his current tour which includes a stop at Caffè Lena in Saratoga Springs on Thursday, October 14th.

Ep 689: Jason Isaacs & Reed Birney

Guests Jason Isaacs and Reed Birney co-star (along with Ann Dowd & Martha Plimpton) in the new dramatic film "Mass" which opens theatrically today in NYC & LA. Also, the producer of a festival concerned with hunger and food issues called the Faces of Hunger International Film Festival, Maayan Laufer is the guest.

Ep 688: Dan Mirvish & Cathy Curtin

I'm joined by the team behind the new indie film "18 1/2" including director Dan Mirvish, writer/producer Daniel Moya, and actor Cathy Curtin. The film has its world premiere this weekend at the Woodstock Film Festival. Then Filmwax continues celebrating its 10th Anniversary with 4th guest ever (back in 10/2011), former Brooklyn Heights Cinema owner Kenn Lowy.