Ep 718: John Biaggi • Elena Sanchez Bellot & Maia Kenworthy

Director of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, John Biaggi, returns to the show to discuss this year's NYC/virtual festival which runs May 20th—26th. Also, the festivals' opening night film's filmmakers Elena Sanchez Bellot & Maia Kenworthy with their film "Rebellion".

Ep 717: Frank Marshall • Evan Mascagni & Father James Martin

Guests include Hollywood producer/director Frank Marshall ("The Bee Gees" How Do You Mend a Broken Heart", "The Other Side of the Wind") with a new documentary he has co-directed called "Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story" which opens today. And Father James Martin & filmmaker Evan Mascagni discuss "Building a Bridge" which is currently available on VOD.

Ep 715: Keith Phipps • Melissa Lyde

Author & film journalist Keith Phipps discusses his recently published book "Age of Cage" about the film career of iconic & controversial actor Nicolas Cage. And film programmer Melissa Lyde talks about the mission she has with her film series, Alfreda's Cinema, which is currently having a fundraising campaign.

Ep 714: Mira Nair

A re-post of my 2017 interview with comedian Gilbert Gottfried who died this past week. And the director Mira Nair visits to discuss a 4K restoration of her 1991 film "Mississippi Masala" which has a theatrical and joins the Criterion Collection.

Ep 713: Ari Gold

The filmmaker and storyteller Ari Gold returns to Filmwax after a few years to discuss new projects.

Ep 712: Andrea Arnold • Marshall Crenshaw

Filmmaker Andrea Arnold ("American Honey", "Big Little Lies") discusses her new vérité documentary "Cow" which comes to select theaters & on demand on April 8th. Also, singer songwriter Marshall Crenshaw stops by.

Ep 711: Jim Piddock • Roshan Sethi & Karan Soni

The creative team behind a new COVID-era romantic comedy "7 Days", director Roshan Sethi & co-writer/cast member Karan Soni join me. Their film opens 3/25. And comic actor & now author Jim Piddock ("Best in Show") visits.

Ep 710: Krystin ver Linden • Ryan Uytdewilligen

First-time filmmaker Krystin ver Linden's film "Alice" bout an enslaved woman's transformation into an empowered woman, opens today in theaters. Plus author Ryan Uytdewilligen with his book "Killing John Wayne" abut the worst movie ever made?

Ep 709: Keith Maitland • Livingston Taylor

The filmmaker Keith Maitland ("Tower") returns to Filmwax with his latest film "Dear Mr. Brody" which is currently in theaters & on VOD. And singer-songwriter Livingston Taylor makes his first appearance.

Ep 708: Joseph McBride

The author and film historian Joseph McBride returns to Filmwax to discuss two new books, "Billy Wilder: Dancing on the Edge" and "The Whole Durn Human Comedy: Life According to the Coen Brothers".

Ep 706: Colin Hay

The legendary singer-songwriter —and former Men at Work frontman— Colin Hay makes his first appearance on FIlmwax. His new album "Now and the Evermore" comes out March 18th.

Ep 705: Willie Nile • Amy Goldstein

New York rocker Willie Nile has a new album out, "The Day The Earth Stood Still" and is here to talk about supporting it. Also documentary filmmaker Amy Goldstein with her new film "The Unmaking of a College", which opens today.

Ep 704: Anders Danielsen Lie • Eric Kohn

03:35Jump to Anders Danielsen Lie segment 23:11Jump to Eric Kohn segment From his Indiewire profile: Eric Kohn is the New York–based Vice President and Executive Editor at IndieWire, where he has worked since 2007. In addition to overseeing operations for IndieWire’s New York film team, he reviews numerous films throughout the year, oversees festival strategy, and reports on the industry. Kohn...