Ep 299: Stephen Winter

Filmmaker Stephen Winter is the guest on this Fandor-sponsored episode of the podcast. Stephen's new film "Jason and Shirley" just had its world premiere at BAMcinemaFest. The film is a fictional account of the day Shirley Clarke shot her seminal doc, "Portrait of Jason". Catch "Jason and Shirley" at film festivals this summer and watch "Portrait of Jason" on Fandor starting June 19.

Ep 292: Adam Rifkin

Adam Rifkin, director of "Giuseppe Makes a Movie", is the guest in this Fandor sponsored episode of the podcast. "Giuseppe Makes a Movie" is currently streaming on Fandor. The film is about the making of Giuseppe's movie "Garbanzo Gas", also streaming on Fandor.

Ep 283: FIX Shorts

Among Fandor's 'FIX Shorts' filmmakers are Ben Russell, Maya Erdelyi, Monihan, David Schendel and Lori Felker, all of whom discuss their new projects which Fandor is underwriting. Additionally, all of the filmmakers are running a Kickstarter campaign to raise a matching amount.

Ep 282: Sophie Hyde

The director of the new film "52 Tuesdays", Sophie Hyde of Australia, is the guest on this Fandor sponsored episode of the podcast. The film opens in select cities on Friday, March 27th and will also debut on

Ep 273: DJ Spooky

Guests include Bret Wood and DJ Spooky who discuss the new Kino Lorber box set “Pioneers of African American Cinema” in separate segments. Among the most fascinating chapters of cinematic history is that of the so-called ‘race films’ that flourished in the U.S. between the 1920s and ’40s. Unlike the ‘black cast’ films produced within the Hollywood studio...

Ep 270: Getting Stoned with Caveh Zahedi

Filmmaker Caveh Zahedi ("The Sheik & I", "Tripping with Caveh") is the guest for an expanded conversation in this Fandor sponsored episode of the podcast. The 1st two episodes Caveh's new web series "Getting Stoned with Caveh" are now available on Fandor.

Ep 255: Josephine Decker

Filmmaker Josephine Decker (“Bi The Way”) discusses her two new film, “Butter on the Latch & “Thou Wast Mild and Lovely“, on this Fandor-sponsored episode of the podcast. Both films are currently available for streaming on Fandor, and for New Yorkers, you have through November 20th to see the films at IFP’s Made in NY Media Center. Photo credit: Adam...

Ep 243: Michael Bilandic

In this Fandor sponsored episode  of the podcast, "Hellaware" director Michael Bilandic is the guest. The film, which is currently streaming on Fandor, stars Keith Poulson, Sophia Takal, Brent Butler, and Kate Lyn Sheil.

Ep 230: Director Tom Gilroy

In this Fandor sponsored episode, I interview "The Cold Lands" director Tom Gilroy. The film is currently available for streaming on Fandor. 

Ep 227: Joe Swanberg Returns

Joe Swanberg ("Drinking Buddies") returns to the podcast to discuss his latest, "Happy Christmas".  This episode is sponsored by Fandor where you may currently watch 4 of Swanberg's films including "The Zone", "Silver Bullets", "Art History",and "All The Light In The Sky".

Ep 224: Maestro Bernardo Bertolucci

Legendary filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci ("Last Tango in Paris", "The Conformist") is the guest. Bertolucci is back after a self-imposed hiatus with a new film, his first shot in Italy in about 30 years, called "Me and You" (or "Io y Te").

Ep 215: Kelly Reichardt & Peter Sarsgaard

Filmmaker Kelly Reichardt ("Meek's Cutoff") & actor Peter Sarsgaard ("Blue Jasmine"). Kelly's latest film "Night Moves" starring Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning & Sarsgaard, about a trio of passionate environmentalists who plot to blow up a dam in Oregon, opens May 30th in NYC and LA. This episode of Filmwax Radio is sponsored by Fandor.