New York Film Festival

Ep 240: Director of the NYFF Kent Jones

The Director of the New York Film Festival, Kent Jones, comes on to discuss its 52nd installment. He also discusses his love of Godard, the influences of growing up in the Berkshires, and much more in this special conversation. The festival runs from September 26 through October 12th.

Ep 190: Lotfy Nathan • Don & Katha Cato

Lotfy Nathan, director of the documentary “12 O’Clock Boys“, is the guest in the first segment of this episode. A Baltimore boy named Pug idolizes a group of dirt-bike riders who raise havoc on city streets. Lacking any other significant male role models, Pug hopes to join their ranks one day. Also, Queens World Film Festival co-founders, Don & Katha Cato. : Play in new...