Tribeca Film Festival 2010

I’ve been to a bunch of press screenings at the Tribeca Screening Room on Greenwich Street. I was planning on going to many of them but just haven’t gotten to. But this weekend I nailed some. I saw an Irish dramedy called “My Brothers” which I liked. I then saw a Filipino movie called “Lola” about to no-nonsense grandmothers from impoverished Manila. This was followed by a romantic drama starring Patricia Clarkson called “Cairo Time”. It was a good film but Clarkson left me a bit cold at times.

Actress Patricia Clarkson & filmmaker Paul Hasegawa-Overacker; photo credit: Adam Schartoff (c) 2010

This shot (left) was taken at a TFF party for the opening of the 2008 film “Guest of Cindy Sherman”.

Yesterday I managed to make it to 2 more films; both of which were very good. There was an Iranian allegory called “The White Meadows” and a terrific comedy called Please Give by a director I have come to really like, Nicole Holofcener. Starring Catherine Keener and Oliver Platt, this was a great old-fashioned NYC comedy. I am trying to get into the press day for that later next week.

The Festival begins Wednesday evening though tomorrow, Tuesday, I will be going to the official press conference opening ceremony where Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal will kick things off. Hopefully I’ll manage to get some nice photos or video. In the next issue of WestView, I plan on writing about the festival and not really write reviews.