Cornering Kopple

Barbara & I; photo credit: Photo credit: Simon Luethi (c) 2011, alamander#gallery

Barbara Kopple is one of those iconic documentary filmmakers that I’ve been wanting to chat with forever.  Now that P.O.V. shoes are worn in and comfortable, I can begin to put on my strut a little bit.  Looking at STF’s newsletter a couple of weeks ago I came across the news that Ms. Kopple would be showing her 2006 concert film/documentary hybrid “Shut Up & Sing” and make a post-screening appearance.  Not only is there a Q&A but there is also an after party across the street from the IFC Center at a local West Village tavern.

I took advantage of the fact that Tom & Raphaela would be in Toronto and was able to swoop right in and grab Ms. Kopple’s ear.  I had met her briefly while covering the New Day 40th Anniversary tribute at MoMA’s Doc Fortnight film festival some months ago but this time I was going to make a real connection.  As a docu-geek and a true fan of her films, I was so pleased that she was warm, receptive and engaging.  So, there you have it.  This is my version of meeting a movie star; I was star struck but fortunately didn’t stumble over myself like the jack-ass I am.  Well done.  I can finally move on.