Keanu Reeves, James Caan & Vera Farmiga talk up HENRY’S CRIME

l to r: Keanu Reeves, dir. Malcolm Venville, James Caan & Vera Farmiga; photo credit: Adam Schartoff (c) 2011

Crosby Street Hotel, NYC

James Caan does not take a press junket very seriously.  In his company no one else can either as they would only come off as pretentious.  So instead, there was much silly banter at the the press conference for “Henry’s Crime”.  The film stars its executive producer, Keanu Reeves, as Henry, a toll booth collector who gets mixed up in a crime and goes to jail where he meets Max, played by Caan. After Henry gets out of the slammer he gravitates towards another crime but gets sidetracked by an acting role of all things.   Keanu seems to be moving into the next phase of his career.  If “Henry’s Crime” is any indication, it might mean this Hollywood leading man might be looking for character roles.  This would be a great thing and give him a career that is closer to an Al Pacino than a Warren Beatty.  Good move for Keanu as he approaches middle age.  He actually comes off quite warm and accessible.  Refreshing.  Vera Farmiga is lovely but what else are you expecting.  Smart career trajectory.