TOTAL BADASS at reRun Gastropub in DUMBO

Aaron Hillis, Bob Ray & Chad Holt; Photo credit: Adam Schartoff
Chad Holt
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Bob Ray (center), director of Total Badass and Hell on Wheels, is touring parts of the country screening the two docs. He was in Brooklyn last weekend showing the former film which is about an Austin, Texas dude named Chad Holt (above right) who is something of a local character. He’s perhaps best known for pulling stunts at local rock shows involving jumping off stages and into industrial strength rubber garbage cans. He’s a professed (former) coke and sex addict. Recently  reformed and  now on the straight & narrow, Bob was cajoled into performing his old stunt after the DUMBO screening. reRun GastroPub promoter/publicist Aaron Hills had advertised that stunts would occur and he held Holt to it. Holt did a sort of an insta-poll with the audience explaining that it wouldn’t be genuine since his heart wasn’t really in it; but he would let majority rule. After a stand-off tie vote, the next thing we knew Holt took the less-than-industrial garbage can and headed towards the club’s metal stairwell, dove in head first and rolled down the stairs.  [See video!] He lay unmoving for what seemed like an eternity until all were alarmed and convinced that he was actually harmed. Fire department and EMT called, the Texas gadabout, popped up and explained that he was fine to all.  It was, in the end, performance art.  It was him kind of getting back at those who egged him on in the first place. Where did I stand?  As a “journalist” (arguable), I stood neutral and did not vote for him to pull off the stunt.  But I was only too eager to film the entire thing. Bob and Chad are probably grateful.  My friend Michael Galinsky voted “no”. I thought at the moment as he lifted his arm, that should’ve been me too. While Holt was seemingly fine, he had admitted to the audience before taking the poll that he carried no health insurance and that he was responsible for two children.  I felt sheepish as I headed to the subway passing the fire truck on the way out.

video credit: Adam Schartoff (c) 2010