Breathless: 50th Anniversary

I was invited to the Film Forum to catch a matinee of Breathless. I’ve seen it before but not on the big screen. One can appreciate the magnitude of its impact when it arrived on screens back in 1960. And in 2010? Well, it’s still holds so much charm through its timeless style… Jean-Paul Belmondo is still so cool. Imitating Bogart and almost managing to get Jean Seberg. It’s got so many iconic moments. The anniversary brought on a new cleaned up print. Pretty amazing. And even though the subtitles are new, they’re still lacking. White type on white background? Really? Anyway, it was a great companion piece to Two On A Wave. I only wish they would release Weekend, Masculin & Femenin, etc as well. Will just have to wait for the Godard retrorespective, I guess.