Meeting Prickley

The blogger with actress Andrea Martin; photo credit: Natalie Patascil

I am going to gush for a moment. I’ve seen and met any number of celebrities over the years. Okay, I haven’t met Robert De Niro and, though I’ve been in the same room as David Byrne on at least three occasions, I’ve never spoken to him. But finally I got my nerve together enough to introduce myself to someone I’ve loved for many years. I first became acquainted with Andrea Martin on that strange but always funny  parody about a Canadian TV network called SCTV. Like all the players in that great ensemble cast —which included Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, John Candy, Dave Thomas, Rick Moranis, Harold Ramis & Martin Short— Andrea portrayed a number of recurring characters, most notably station manager, Edith Prickley. Since that show left the air many decades ago, Martin has become something of a character actress in mainstream films. With the enormous success of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” —which I still have not seen— she’s now a recognizable celebrity once again.  Rightfully so.

Anyway, I was at the opening night after-party for a new independent film called “Breaking Upwards”.  As Andrea has a supporting role in this charming romantic comedy, I was hoping to run into her. And I did. I saw her at the bar and introduced myself.   We may have spent about 5 minutes chatting before her friend showed up. I had an urge to reach into my pocket and pull out my digital camera but suppressed it. That was a good call.

Well, my tactfulness paid off. A couple of nights later I was once again attending a screening of a small indie film, this one my friends’ Carmine & Matthew’s new movie, “Lbs.” at the Village East Cinema on Second Avenue. After the Q&A had ended, who shows up for the following screening but Andrea Martin. She was saying hello to Matthew and Carmine when I walked over and reminded her who I was. She remembered me and this time was only to happy to share a photo op.  There, I’ve gushed.